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About Us

Our Past

Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Ellinwood, Kansas was organized on April 12, 1896. The company is located in Ellinwood, Kansas which is a town of about 2,500 located in Barton County in the heart of Kansas.

The statutes of the organization, as published in 1899, recorded that the organization was called the “Union of German Farmers of Barton County and Vicinity, Kansas”. The purpose of the organization was to “Support, instruct, and promote custom in cooperation with the Farmers in a mutual way”.  Over the years the company has adopted as its motto, “The Mutual Way.”

The term “Mutual Way” is synonymous with mutual insurance or a cooperative such as the Farmers Coop organization. The Union of Farmers of Barton County was a combination of these two types of organizations.

Our Present

Today the company has a network of more than 200 independent agencies throughout the state of Kansas. Through these independent agents, FMI provides property insurance for the state of Kansas. FMI is no longer a company limited strictly to the farm market or to a single geographic area. We offer Homeowner, City Fire, Farm Fire, and Commercial insurance coverage.

Our agents refer to us as that “Good little insurance company out in Ellinwood, Kansas.” We are pleased to have that reputation from our agents and from the policyholders who are helping us to move forward into a second century of “The Mutual Way.”

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